A Powerful Lead Nurturing Platform For Hvac, Plumbing & Home Service Contractors

Who Want To Sell More
With Less Work

Lead Nurture Machine lets you MANAGE YOUR ENTIRE LEAD CONVERSION PROCESS UNDER ONE ROOF—from inquiry management, callbacks, follow-ups, and scheduling to closing the deal.

Lead Nurture Machine ensures that leads think of you first when they are ready to buy

Nurtured leads produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities and help businesses make 50% more sales at a cost of 33% less than non-nurtured prospects.

However, savvy leads don’t turn into customers overnight. You need an intelligent lead nurturing platform that helps you build the initial bridge with your leads and accelerate their buying journey through automation and regular communication.

With Lead Nurture Machine, you can connect with potential customers in the way they prefer to communicate. It helps eliminate the painstaking standard process of lead generation and endless games of lost email chains and phone tag by automating all the areas of lead capture, communication, and conversion.


A quick and automated response is essential to closing more deals. When a lead makes the initial call, your callback response should be no more than five minutes. You are 20 times more likely to close a deal if you get back within five minutes. For every minute you exceed, you are reducing your conversion rate.

By communicating to leads with quickness, you show them the importance of earning their business before they reach out to another company.

This is where you need a systematic lead generation automation platform that lets you build consistent contact with your leads until they are converted to customers.


Lead Nurture Machine combines lead capture, messaging, and targeted marketing responses based on the behavior of your prospects. It offers you all the essential features you need to get the most qualified leads and nurture those leads over time until they turn into paying customers on a regular basis.


100% Lead Conversion Automation

Inbound Call Routing

User-friendly Mobile App

Ringless Voicemails

Automated Lead Prioritization

SMS Text Messaging

Easy Onboarding System

Advanced Analytics Dashboard

24/7 Client Support

How Can Lead Nurture
Machine Benefit You?

Get A 360-Degree
View Of Leads

Lead Nurture Machine’s advanced analytics dashboard shows you how your leads and sales team are performing, so you can adjust your marketing strategies and budget. The dashboard allows you to see lead sources, activities, and conversions at a glance.

Never Lose Track Of A Hot Lead Again

Lead Nurture Machine automatically populates your address book and keeps track of all interactions with the leads you’re connected with. It also sends automatic alerts when to follow up. You just have to compose your emails, make the calls, and have your coffee.

Inbound Call Routing

Route calls to the appropriate salespeople or branch location, ensuring that every call is answered by the appropriate team or person.

Lead Filters & Sorting

Easily handle bulk leads and track reports by category, tag, field, or segment. Filter our leads who responded to your emails, leads who unsubscribed from your campaigns, etc.

Intelligent Lead Follow Up

Follow up with a friendly text message or bulk email to see if your contacts are ready to buy.

Mobile App

Have your marketing team download the Lead Nurture Machine mobile app to track qualified leads anytime and anywhere. Available on Google Play and AppAgg!

Agile Lead
Nurturing Platform

See everything about a lead in one
place and boost your sales pipeline, so
deals don’t stall.

Lead Nurture Machine makes both salespeople and marketers happy. It provides HVAC, plumbing, and home service businesses a powerful platform where they can automatically capture leads, nurture them, and convert to customers.

Transform the way you market and sell with
Lead Nurture Machine today!